Serve Alcohol Responsibly with Patronscan


Serving Alcohol, that provides online certifications for responsible alcohol sales in all 50 states, recommends using Patronscan's ID verification solutions.


Latest Trusted Partner: Serving Alcohol

Serving Alcohol provides online certifications for responsible alcohol sales for all 50 states in the USA. Having experienced the effectiveness of Patronscan’s ID scanners in preventing the sale to minors, they recommend using it as part of their responsible serving strategy.

Underaged patrons who purchase alcohol using a fake ID and subsequently become inebriated pose significant risks to business owners and staff. With fake IDs easier to buy than ever, costing as little as $30, it’s important to have the right technology to spot them.

Many of them are almost indiscernible from real IDs and it’s more important than ever to use advanced ID scanners that check for pixel perfection.

Spotting Fake IDs with the Naked Eye

When it comes to catching fake IDs, trained employees may be able to spot lower quality fake IDs that more familiar. The problem is most minors bring high-quality out-of-state IDs that are much harder to spot.

Take a look at these two New York IDs and try to spot the fake.

ny scrubbed newyork_scrubbed

The first one is real. The second one is fake and is one of the most popular fake IDs in circulation.

A little tricky?

Maybe a bit easier if you’re from New York.

For our team at Patronscan, it’s been a 15-year long and arduous process to develop our authentication technology that’s capable of catching these high-quality fake IDs from not just every state in the United States but across the world.

Differences in ID Scanning Technology

An important caveat with ID scanning is not all ID scanners are effective in fake ID detection. In fact, most will fail to catch lower quality templates and check for valid barcodes only.

Developing a scanning engine that is effective in identifying the slightest discrepancies (while accounting for dirty/damaged IDs) requires an incredible number of scans, machine learning algorithms and and a hyper-dedicated team.

It’s why, 115 million scans later, Patronscan is the most recommended ID scanner worldwide.


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