Trusted ID Scanners

Catch fake IDs, spot minors and prevent youth uptake.

Reduce theft
by as much as 93%

Use our access control solutions to curtail thieves, robberies and minors.

Our identity validation and access control solutions connect to the shared flagged network to keep known thieves out of your store. Save on security costs and stop inventory from slipping away.

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Interior and exterior

Our rugged, weather-tested solutions works with any storefront, even through blizzards and rainstorms.

Patronscan's access control ID scanners can be installed outside of your store or within entrances vestibule. Speak to us today about an option that works best for you.

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Spot minors
and catch fake IDs

Avoid selling to minors by using Patronscan to spot fake IDs and verify age.

With over 250,000 fake IDs caught around the world, Patronscan is the proven market leader for fake ID detection.

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Sleek and modern
countertop scanners

Our latest line of ID scanners are fast, accurate and more affordable than ever before.

Less than a square foot, Patronscan's countertop ID scanners take up little space while connecting to either Wifi or Ethernet connections.

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Secure and
privacy compliant

Patronscan is committed to protecting the privacy of your customers.

Routinely audited by privacy commissioners, we ensure our technology keeps private information secure by storing it in top-tier data facilities with strict access control mechanisms in place.

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Why Patronscan?

Because we are driven by continuous innovation, hyper customer care and precision ID authentication technology to fight identity fraud on the world's largest ID scanning network.

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