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ID Scanner for Bars

Looking for the best ID scanner for bars, nightclubs and pubs? PatronScan is an ID scanning technology used by nightclubs across North America.

We offer several benefits to club owners, such as the ability to spot fake IDs and keep minors out, add patrons to a Banned Patron List, and spot patrons who have caused trouble at other venues.

If you want to catch fake IDs and keep troublemakers out of your bar, then you need the best ID scanner for bars, nightclubs, and pubs.

Fake ID Scanner

PatronScan is the best Fake ID scanner available. We use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to scan the face of the ID, and detect fake IDs.

Beware: ID scanners that scan the barcode on a driver’s license are easily fooled by low quality fake IDs. If you really want to keep minors out of your venue, then get the best ID Scanner available.

Challenge Questions

If you suspect that a patron is using someone else’s ID, you can utilize our challenge questions to test them.

Ask them any of the questions listed and watch their body language as they respond.

Challenge Questions are provided for every positive scan, so it is easy to ask a question or two and keep the line moving quickly.

Stop ID Passing

The problem: Older brother enters your establishment using his legitimate ID, and then passes it back to his younger brother who tries to enter with it.

PatronScan will be able to catch this as a Double Scan alert. Catch them using the same piece of ID to enter. Catch them using different pieces of ID from the same person to enter.

Catch someone passing their ID to a minor? Place them on the Banned Patrons List.

Age Confirmation

Minors are not allowed to consume alcohol. Using an ID scanner like PatronScan will help to minimize errors and keep your establishment safe from liability.

The age of the patron is displayed for every scan, and the ID scanner operator can be alerted if the patron exceeds the minimum or maximum age set by management.

All Ages Events

PatronScan is the best ID scanner to use at your all ages event. Underage patrons use several tactics to consume alcohol at all ages events, and PatronScan helps to defend against them all.

Detect fake IDs. Catch ID passing. Stop ID sharing. Take a live image of each patron as they enter your venue. If patrons break the rules, then ban them from every venue using PatronScan in North America. Reduce your liability and empower your security to keep your events safe.

The Banned Patrons List

The Banned Patrons List: a list of over 38,000 patrons who have been kicked out of venues for fighting, sexual assault, drugs, theft, and other bad behavior.

The Banned Patrons List is shared with every other venue using PatronScan, so if a patron is ejected from a club around the corner and banned, you will be alerted by the time he arrives at yours.

Spot Troublemakers on the List

Spotting patrons who have been banned is your first line of defense at the front door.

When other venues place someone on the Banned Patrons List, they are warning you that this person has caused harm, and you can make an informed decision about whether to admit or deny entry.

Add Troublemakers to the List

Placing a patron on the Banned Patrons List is a powerful consequence for bad behavior.

Patrons value going out to nightclubs with their friends, and when they are on the Banned Patrons List, a ban alert will show every time they try to enter any venue in North America using PatronScan.

Use the Banned Patrons List to keep patrons from causing trouble in your venue.

Stop Crime in Your Venue

Criminals operate in crowded places where they can remain anonymous and escape if someone becomes suspicious.

Placing PatronScan at your front door has been shown to reduce theft by up to 74%.

If a crime occurs in your establishment, it is easy to review the images of everyone who entered and identify the criminal victimizing your patrons.

Daily Reports

Daily reports inform you about who your patrons are, where they come from, when they arrive, and how long they stay.

Spot trends, build relationships, and identify opportunities to improve your business by reading the reports that arrive daily in your email.

  • Total # of Visitors
  • # of First Time Visitors
  • Bans Shown
  • Banned Patrons Denied Entry
  • Inspections
  • Average Patrons by Gender
  • # of Birthday Celebrations
  • Patrons Repeat Visits
  • Zip Codes of Patrons

Live Stats

Want to know exactly how many patrons are in your club right now?

PatronScan ID scanners give you live stats about how many patrons are in your venue, the gender distribution, and the average age.

Fill your club or bar to capacity faster, and keep it full longer.

Real-Time Notifications

When you run a busy club, you don’t have time to chase down information all night long.

Real-time information is sent to your phone by text message every 30 minutes.

If a banned patron tries to enter your venue, you will be notified in real-time by text message, and you will know whether your door staff allowed or denied entry.

VIP Management

PatronScan ID scanners make managing your VIP program easy. Scan in a patron, and then simply enroll them in your VIP program.

Every time the patron is scanned in, they will be tracked, your door staff will be informed that they are a VIP, and your VIP host will receive a text message notifying them that the VIP has just been scanned in at the front door.


Instant membership creation is easy with PatronScan.

Simply scan the patron, and then enroll them as a member in your venue. Their membership will be tracked and your door staff will be notified that they have an active membership.


Add patrons to the guestlist from the office, the door, or from your mobile phone.

Guestlists are kept up-to-date in real-time. See who is coming, and who enrolled them on the guestlist.

Still using a clipboard? Guestlist check-in couldn’t be easier. Scan the ID and they are instantly matched up and checked in.

Promoter Tracking

Do promoters drive patrons to your venue? Now they can easily add patrons to your guestlist using their mobile phone.

Keep track of exactly how many patrons actually entered your venue from each promoter. Reward your high performers.

SMS Text Message Marketing

Did you know that 94% of text messages are read within 10 minutes of being received?

PatronScan gives you the power to send out text message (SMS) blasts before the weekend or an event. Best of all, you can filter who receives the text message based on demographics collected from the ID scanner, and track how many of the recipients show up at your venue.

Scan Over 3,800 ID Types

Scan every ID with a PatronScan ID scanner, including passports, drivers licenses, military IDs, and international IDs.

PatronScan is able to scan over 3,800 types of government issued ID from around the world.

High Speed Scanning

Is speed important to your front door? PatronScan is the quickest ID scanner available.

Scan every type of ID in less than 3 seconds. The easy to use interface will have your door staff managing security with no slow down.

Real-Time Alerts

There are times when you need to know things right now. Door staff can send out text message alerts in real-time.

Send a fight alert to all security staff when a fight breaks out. Notify management when a liquor inspector or the police arrive at the front door.