Prevent fraud in less than 3 seconds

Trusted ID scanners that prevents fraud and minimizes losses for cell phone providers.

Fraudulent accounts? We alert you before they sign up.

Improve customer experience? We speed up on-boarding.

React To Fraud Faster! Immediate company-wide alerts.

Detecting fake IDs? We catch over 3,000 per week.

ID verification plays a key role in both fraud and knowing your customer, Patronscan's advanced fake ID detection helps customers fight fraud by being your front line to all new account sign ups. Be alerted of fake IDs before they walk away with free devices.

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How Patronscan helps Telecom

Most fraud runs through a Fake ID

Synthetic Identity fraud is one of the fastest-growing types of ID fraud in the world.  According to the FTC, synthetic fraud represents at least 80% of all current identity fraud.  Fraudsters use a combination of real and fake personal consumer data to create a new identity. These identities are forged using information such as Social Security numbers, addresses, birthdays, and names which can be easily acquired on the dark web.

The good news? No matter how sophisticated the scheme or whether the fraudster is using synthetic ID,  a Fake ID is needed to finalize the transaction. This is where Patronscan fits, we catch fake IDs.

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Fakes reduced

Barcode scanning alone is not good enough

Fake ID websites guarantee that their forged IDs will pass any barcode scanner or your money back. That is how confident they are: they guarantee it.  

We use 2-factor authentication to scan the bar-code and the front of the ID.  Our authentication process compares over 8,300 data points before verifying if it is real. With Patronscan you can be confident that you’re catching fakes.


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Sleek, modern, space-saving design that is easy to use

As the retail environment becomes more digital, we have designed our technology with a sleek and modern design that fits multiple applications.  The easy to use interface allows your staff to quickly scan and identify whether an ID is valid, all while providing an excellent customer experience. 

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More Patronscan Benefits

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Advanced Multi-Layer ID Verification

Fake IDs get better everyday, so does Patronscan.  Our proprietary software scans the front of the ID and identifies which IDs are real and which are fake. Scanners that only scan barcodes are easily fooled. Using Patronscan is the best way to protect yourself from fraudsters.

Read All Types of Identification

You want your ID scanner to be as effective as possible, which means scanning all types of IDs. We scan all types of government issues IDs including: driver’s licenses, military cards, passports and international IDs. Patronscan has the ability to scan over 4,700 different IDs from around the world and that number keeps growing.

High Speed Scanning

Patronscan makes validating IDs simple. In 3-4 seconds your staff will know everything they need to about the potential customer standing in front of them. Verify your customers identity without creating more work for your staff.


Powerful Shared Flag Network

Identifying fraudsters before they act is difficult.  The Patronscan network will alert you when someone has been flagged by another location for fraudulent behavior.  Your locations are notified of exactly when and why the flag was placed, preventing further damages.  



Real-Time Alerts

There are times when you need information immediately. Staff can send out real time text message alerts from our system. 

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Why Patronscan?

Patronscan has the largest ID scanning network in North America with operations in Australia and the UK. We are driven by continuous innovation and hyper customer care, a combination of which has resulted in the most advanced ID authenticator in solutions that our customers love. When you choose Patronscan, you become part of our family, and as such we are committed to you and your success. 

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Protecting People, Protecting Privacy

Patronscan is committed to protecting people and their privacy.

It is our responsibility to protect all patron personal information.

We comply with all privacy regulations and trusted by all privacy agencies.

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