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Our team is growing.

We are looking for outstanding people to join our company and help to make the nightlife a safer place.

PatronScan saves lives and reduces crime.

PatronScan is the world’s leading ID scanning system for bars & nightclubs. For over 10 years, PatronScan has increased safety in nightclubs for millions of patrons while improving profitability for venue owners.

We currently serve business owners in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia, all from our world headquarters in beautiful Calgary, Canada.

We are high performance.

We make the world’s best ID scanner. We have world class customer service. We serve the best nightlife venues.

We are a high performance team, constantly looking for the next way to improve our amazing service. Every member of our team is critical to our success, and the success of our customers. We want you to help us.

We don’t just give our best when it comes to work. We also know how to have fun.

With a company full of high energy, creative people, you know fun is going to be a large part of our day. We want you to bring your sense of humor, and help us enjoy our work environment.

You can’t become the world’s best anything alone.

It always takes a team of high performance people working together to create and deliver a world class service for our customers. It’s not unusual to find sales people working on product design, and tech support filming marketing videos. It takes great people to make a great product, so join our team and help us take this to the next level.

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